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THE REMEDIAL BUILDER   September 2019 ;   
We are specialised in Waterproofing and concrete cancer and Helifix brick structural repairs. 
Also do : tileing and rendering  
We provide : "Service"  "Cost" and "Warranty" Or more 
 I'll bring my    "Knowlodge"   "Experiences"  to your site. 
We are confident for "small to middle" size of work also  engineer's specification.    
I hope to see you on-site soon. 
 Andy Kim builder 

This is cavity waterproofing work!   

It required to remove bottom of bricks, support by jacks.      So far I never collapsed building...!  this jack system works 

Its 3mm thick membrane (Bitchment) so I have laid double (6mm). minimum thickness  

Its smart engineer's specification ( Yes cost cost!) ,   But   I know few other lower cost option too.        

Water leaking from behind of balcony deck, and rising damp;   sometimes there is no need to remove floor tiles to waterproofed.   

Solution:   negative pressured membrane;    

        -   2 fat layer membrane applied  

        -  rendering  and weather shield paint finished 

Popular areas: 

High level APT wall (rising damp and damaged wall paint)

Basement wall (efflorescence)

Ground floor house  and more areas  

Concrete cancer repairs (3D work)


In most case;  the scaffold cost damaged the budget so much.    So I bought my own tower up to 10m hight...!  it reduce so much cost...!   also I have so much experienced on this work..!  

I can repair for last years and years  (Yes   10y warranty). 


Render creak repair by building settlement 

many people ask me:   is creak comes back again,  

My answer is    Yes maybe, or may not    because building always moves and ground sunken over the years.  

So standard solution is installing structural bar  and mesh to support.    so far no one ask me to come back for this solution.       

It worked !   

I have done so much brick point work, especially near ocean areas  

it requires good colour match technic.  

it takes lot of times to cover large areas,

But handy Andy found few good tricks 

I can save so much time... so reduce the cost..! 

I wouldn't tell you now   

Match the existing tiles is the top priortity in the market 2019 most of tile suppliers dis continuous and introduce new shapes and colour, few tile selection shop there but cost (wow)  

So its better idea to remove reasonable section of tile to create featuring with other colour  or just go shop all around NSW. 

The trues I did it already and  (Wow)  couldn't find it. 

I should buy Tesla to drives for me. it takes lot of time.      

Build up efflorescence or leaking tile. 

Its such hard work to clean the efflorescence and its comes back again.   

So far I haven't found any product to stop this chemical reaction without removing tiles.  

If someone knows the product please let me know; I deadly wish. 

So I did remove only 1st row of corner tiles and waterproofed it and it stop the efflorescence appear on face of render. 

So far no complain for my work (100% Score). well done !   


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